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Prefer not to configure your own BMW Bottle? Explore our selection of pre-configured BMW Bottle sets.

Bottle Components

This is where personalization meets sustainability. These thermos flasks redefine convenience with their innovative design, allowing you to choose from three distinct caps and six versatile canisters, tailoring your thermal experience to your unique preferences.

Questions & Answers

01: Can I buy a cap or canister separately?
Certainly, all BMW caps and canisters share the same diameter, enabling you to customize your BMW bottle with your preferred combination.

02: I've purchased a complete bottle from a BMW dealer; can I separately purchase a different cap?
We sincerely value your prior purchase of a complete BMW bottle, and naturally, you have the option to enhance or replace components of your bottle using the caps and canisters offered in this store. We encourage this approach as it aligns with BMW’s sustainability principles, reducing the need to purchase an entirely new bottle.

03: Is it possible to add a tea strainer to my BMW bottle?
You can purchase a tea strainer separately at the BMW Lifestyle store. Please note that this accessory is exclusively compatible with the Narrow Cap.